Monday, March 19, 2012

Talk This Week: Git & Sneakernets

Ever get stuck without a network? Conferences, flights, broken hardware: whatever the reason it is a pain. Especially at conferences or hackathons, damaged networks can really screw up your day.

There are any number of ways to work around your network woes, but git is the simplest: just clone repository onto a nearby thumb drive and pass it around. Viola! Instant, painless sneakernet (unless you drop the thumb drive in your beer).

Don Ellis will start with a short introduction to git, including examples of dealing with branches, merging, and recovering from accidental commits, and cloning your empty repository.

After that we'll go through showing how the thumb drive snekernet works.

We have Free Beer (or coffee). If you don't like either Golden Draak or Chimey feel free to bring your own :-)

Meeting starts at 6:30 March 21st, at Workhors Computing's office.